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Celebrate blue ribbon style with the denim-friendly and utterly gorgeous Navy/Garfield print RainCaper. Designed in collaboration with Eastern National, the Garfield print is a faithful replication of the wallpaper that First Lady Mrs. James A. Garfield enjoyed in the Garfield family home. Clear skies or cloudy, wear the Navy side out for a classic look; reverse to the captivating Garfield pattern for presidential style – either way, they’ll know you’ve arrived. The ultra-versatile RainCaper may be worn all year long. Rain or Shine!

  • Hidden double-sided magnets let you make a "sleeve" - no more billowing in windy weather.
  • Reversible - 2 looks in 1; Black reverses to Wavy Pearls print – both sides are rainproof
  • Hooded design of rain cape keeps you dry in wet weather. Rain rolls right off!
  • Folds up into included 8" x 10" travel pouch with snap-on strap for your tote, car, briefcase or travel bag
  • Generous hood protects from wind and rain, yet much less bulky than a raincoat or jacket.
  • One size fits most; two shell buttons for adjustable fit. Reversible for two fashion choices - Rain or Shine!
  • RainCaper provides complete rain coverage - all the way to the wrist! 23" shoulder to wrist. 30" neckline to back hem, 55" wide.
  • 100% polyester. Machine wash; hang to dry. Weight: 9 oz

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