19661-4 Valentina Signa Black & White Waves

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Price: $59.00
3/4 Sleeve, Rhinestone Studded, Multi-Colored Microfiber Spandex Tunic
Part Number: PH-ZIP FRONT 19661-4

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  • Microfiber
  • Missy sized woman's fashion tops that accentuate a comfortable, casual fit
  • Geometric, floral and animal print themes fashioned on to classic 3/4 sleeve missy bodies
  • Contemporary tops utilizing fabric blends, bold colors and rhinestones for additional highlights
  • Brilliantly printed, uniquely fashioned tops are an ideal match with most any outfit providing informal sophistication and relaxed style
  • Valentina Signa woman's fashion tops are made are made with a spandex and microfiber blend to guarantee a loose, comfortable and relaxed fit

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